Collection: Sustainable fashion for women

Goddesses of green! Welcome to our collection of eco-friendly women's fashion and accessories. We've got everything you need to look and feel fabulous without harming the planet. Our clothes are made from organic cotton and recycled materials that are softer than a kitten's belly. Treat yourself and the planet to some sustainable swag. Because let's face it, saving the world is way more fun when you look good doing it. Shop our collection now and join the eco-fabulous movement!

  • Organic and recycled materials only

    OEKO-TEX Standard 100OCS certifiedFair Wear Foundation affiliated, ethical and sustainable materials

  • Ink-to-skin harmony

    OEKO-TEX ECO PASSPORT certified inks: 100% water-based, chemical-free, skin-friendly, and environmentally responsible printing

  • Zero-plastic packaging

    Recyclable cardboard, 100% recycled kraft paper, high-quality wedges. Prioritising sustainability and customer experience

  • 100% carbon neutral shipping

    Minimising environmental impact daily. Shipping via 95% carbon-neutral French Post Office, offsetting 100% emissions

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